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Here are a few samples of some of the mattresses & linens available.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

This Luxurious mattress is a new addition to 2019 due to our increasing demand for High quality Damask covers and Cotton fillings.
It has an individually pocket sprung design. Unlike conventional springs (which are all connected) pocket springs are completely independent from the one next to it. Each spring moves differently to the other depending on where the weight is distributed on the mattress. So whatever position you move to, the springs follow your body shape. The Damask cover is smooth, soft and stays at a cool temperature because of its easiness to breath.
The Organic cotton fillings combined with Soya extracts help to keep the mattress feeling fresh during those warm and humid evenings.
The Added top layer of individual pocket microsprings give added comfort and support. For even more additional comfort and support, a 5cm layer of the highest quality visco memory foam has been added on both sides. The memory foam also contains soya extracts which help to eliminate odours caused by humidity.
A superking sized demonstration model is at our store ready to be tried and tested

"Two Layers of Pocket Springs, Combined with Natural Fillings of Organic Cotton and Extracts of Soya. Finished in a Cotton Damask Cover"

* Medium Feel
* Belgian Damask Cover
* Individually Pocket Sprung
* Soya Extracts
* Organic Cotton Fillings
* Micro-Springs
* Summer & Winter Side
* Oeko-Tex Certificate of Approval
* Anti Dust Mite
* Anti Bacterial
* Visco Memory Foam
* Fire Retardant Option

Microspring/Viscoelastic Mattress

An Innovative mattress created with latest generation materials such as Viscoelastic Clima Plus, combined with micro-pocket springs, minimizing pressure points on the body and achieving a great cool and fresh sensation for a perfect nights sleep! Viscoelastic Clima Plus helps to maintain constant body temperature.

Micro-Pocket Springs
- Air recirculation
- Better ventilation providing freshness and great firmness
- Correct alignment of the spine
- Minimizes the pressure that decreases the change of posture, increasing the quality of sleep.
- Great level of elasticity in each point, providing greater adaptability and comfort
- Greater durability

"Pocket sprung, Memory foam & 3D breathing filter"

* Medium Tension
* Micro Pocket Springs
* Memory Foam 7.5cm
* Passageways of air circulation 
* Anti Static
* Anti Dust Mite
* Anti Allergy
* Removable cover
* 3D Breathable filter
* Oeko-Tex Approved
* Fire Retardant Option

Visco Gel Mattress

Viscoelastic with Gel > An innovative indeformable polymer that gives us greater freshness and adaptability, being one of the most breathable products on the market.This remarkable space age material senses your body temperature and conforms to your body mass distributing your weight evenly keeping your spine in perfect alignment. When this mattress is placed in a cool environment, the gels temperature drops, helping to maintain the temperature of the neighbouring materials allowing you cool, fresh comfortable sleep.

Graphene > Flexible, breathable material and great thermal conductor. It has antibacterial qualities, reducing possible odors. Graphene is one of the latest materials that is being introduced into mattresses that contain memory foam. Where standard memory foam has an open cell structure which enables heat to leave the mattress as you move position during sleep, graphene creates a conductive pathway for the heat to move through the non-compressed memory foam by convection.

"Visco-Gel, Graphene,3D Air Filter"

* Medium Tension
* Visco Gel
* Graphene
* 3D breathing filter 
* Anti Allergy
* Anti Dust Mite
* Anti Static
* Oeko Tex Approved
* Fire Retardant Option

Reflex Foam Mattress

The upper face of the mattress contains the highest quality Cashmere and is padded with 2 cm Viscoelastic Sensus ® Thermovariable and breathable soybean cover.
Highly revelled as the top tier of all wools, Cashmere is softer than traditional wool. The material also remains smoother and lighter than any other.

The bottom side of the mattress has reflex foam with a 3 dimensional breathing filter inside helping air to pass through the mattress more easily.

 "Memory Foam and Cahsmere"

* Firm
* Soya Extracts
* Visco Memory Foam 2cm*
* High Density Reflex Foam 
* 3D Breathing Filter
* Anti Dust Mite
* Anti Static
* Cashmere
* 'Oeko-Tex' Certified
* Fire Retardant Option

Anti Humidity Air Flow

Anti Humidity Air Flow is designed to eliminate condensation and humidity from under mattresses and seat cushions.

The 3D matting allows air to circulate freely under the mattress preventing the formation of mould and mildew.

It is light, durable, easy to install and can be cut to any shape.

* Eliminates Condensation and Humidity
* Circulates Air around the Mattress
* Durable and Easy to Install
* Prevents Mould and Mildew
* Can be cut to any Shape
* 10mm Thickness
* Can also be used under Seat Cushions

Pillows, Duvets, Mattress Protectors, Sheets & Duvet Covers

All available in different sizes and qualities.

Please contact Nathan or Dean on 971696621 or mallorca@bobthebed.com

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